New Directions

Since The Honeys CA began, we have been filled with gratitude for the experiences, stories, growth and creativity that we have shared with our audiences. The support we have received from our families, friends and fans has been outstanding.

After 3 1/2 years we have decided to pursue individual projects. Caroline will continue with the other duo she is in with Tom Osgerby as well as performing with the Purple Hill Showband. Kate will be continuing with her acting career in Toronto as well as her songwriting. We need to grow individually as artists and have decided it is time for us to go separate ways in order to pursue additional endeavors.

We cannot thank you enough for your love and support along this journey. 

Howdy Folks!

The cold weather is now upon us and Christmas will soon be here. There is shopping to be done, Christmas carols to be sung. The best part is getting together with family and friends and feeling the love.

A great treat about the cold weather for us is - "no lawns to mow" until spring. A nice little break.

If you still have some Christmas presents to purchase how about buying our new CD for the music lover in the family.

They can be purchased online from CDBaby ,directly from us by cheque or E-Transfer and if you live in Stratford, Ontario or the surrounding area, they can be purchased from the local stores Treasures and Fanfare books on Ontario Street.

We enjoyed the shows we performed at during summer and fall and got a chance to share the stage with so many great musicians.

Now down to the administrative business - applying for the upcoming music festivals. Fingers crossed once again.

This coming winter we will be writing and learning new songs for our upcoming shows in 2019.

Please check our Shows page for the details.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hope to see you in 2019.

Caroline and Kate

What We Did This Summer…

Well it’s been 5 or 6 months since we released our first CD of originals and we are so happy with the results. This was a hot busy summer. In between all of our music concerts Kate had lots of outdoor work with mowing lawns, weeding the garden and looking after the pool. Kate is also an actor which saw her drive into Toronto on several occasions for auditions. Caroline has her regular day job, plus looking after mowing lawns at her house but still finding time for summer walks through nature, hitting the beach and just enjoying the outdoors.

We were so fortunate to hold our CD release party at the London Music Club and we played gigs in London, Petrolia, Toronto, St.Marys and Dorchester. The great thing about playing music festivals is meeting all the other wonderful musicians. The musical world is like one big family and it is so lovely the way we all support each other. We look forward to our upcoming shows planned in St.Marys, Dorchester, London and Stratford.

Lots of work was involved in making our You-Tube videos and submitting all our information to the Canadian Folk Music Awards. We will out find out at the end of September if we have been nominated for an award. There are a lot of good musical acts in Canada so the competition is steep but we have our fingers and toes crossed ! We are also proud to say that one of Kate’s songs on our CD – “Beautiful Moon” is currently being played on 40 country/americana radio stations in the USA .

Thank you to our fans, friends and family – you are the best!

Catch Us Live!

Well… Hello!

Here we are making our first CD as a duo. We have rehearsed and rehearsed and when it came time to lay down the bed tracks in the recording studio, you forget how hard and tedious it can be. But you stick with it knowing that the finished product will be something you are proud of.

Songwriting and performing your own songs can make you feel vulnerable and exposed, but we are both ready for this new adventure. It is a commitment that you gladly make and hope doors open for you along the way.

For years we have had our own separate careers — singing coast to coast in Canada as well as the USA. With Kate now residing in the Stratford area and Caroline in the London, Ontario area (Thorndale), we enjoy the quiet, peaceful life in the country. We believe this keeps us grounded and is a safe haven after performing in the big cities.

We will keep you updated on our progress.

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